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Co-authoring with an A.I.

You'll see a series of blog posts over the coming week where I have an unusual co-author. Specifically, I'm writing these blogs with an A.I. that we've affectionately named A.I. Archi(e). Originally, our A.I. was named "Archi" in honor of Archimedes. To explain why "Archi" turned into "Archi(e)," I'll explain why we created an A.I. co-author in the first place. I've been working on posts that share learnings from the past couple decades of working on some of the world's smartest systems with some of the world's smartest people. I wanted to share the positive stories about our biggest successes and breakthroughs. But I also wanted to share the stories about the missteps and failures. I thought it would be funny to train an A.I. to write the what's-gone-wrong stories in a grumpy and condescending-to-you-mere-humans manner. Troll-packed online comment streams provided more A.I. training data than we needed, but also resulte