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Julian Loren - Smart Logistics and Smart Manufacturing Practices, AI and IoT Products and Ecosystem

Julian Loren is a smart and sustainable system pioneer who has delivered major emissions reductions and productivity improvements across a wide range of industries. Julian designed one of the longest-working AI systems--an expert system that has been making decisions and learning for the past 22 years. At GE, Julian led the first Smart Manufacturing solutions leading to major carbon footprint reductions from GE's largest plants. He subsequently led ecosystem and solution development for Smart Freight & Logistics, Smart Ports, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Smart Construction, and Smart Manufacturing. Prior to GE, Julian led the design and development of 74 applied AI, expert, and decision support solutions for energy, transportation, construction, apparel, food, and other sectors.
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Bill Storage - Smart Logistics, and Smart Manufacturing Practices, System-of-Systems Design, Modeling, and Risk Analysis

Bill Storage is a renowned multidisciplinary system-of-systems designer and probabilistic risk expert. When NASA investigated robots for exploring life below the ice on one of Jupiter's moons, Bill modeled and analyzed that incredibly complex system of systems. Bill is a widely experienced engineer, educator and executive with who has led risk analysis and risk management for multiple industries and led interdisciplinary teams designing and delivering software, hardware, and control system design.

Bill has developed curricula and taught courses on Probabilistic Risk Analysis, System Design for Safety (FMEA, Hazard Analysis, Fault Trees, Markov, Monte Carlo, etc.), Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, and System Modeling. Bill speaks at many seminars and conferences on software design, risk analysis, history of science, and sociology of science and is a Visiting Scholar at the University of California Berkeley Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society.
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Jeremy Anderson - Smart Manufacturing and Smart Supply Chain Practices, Manufacturing Process and Operations Optimization

Jeremy is a product innovation and manufacturing process & supply chain optimization expert with deep domain knowledge and relationships in the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods industries. Jeremy has been involved in the development of over 200 new products. Jeremy and his team build partnerships across the value chain including technology, data collection & activation, R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, sales, distribution, brand and investment.
Recent work includes helping:
   Consumer packaged good companies launch and grow new businesses with increased speed and flexibility;
   Restaurant chains launch mobile, food delivery, and loyalty programs and act on the new data they collect;
   Reducing food waste; and
   Converting supply chain data into actionable continuous improvement interventions that deliver quick ROI and sustainability gains.
Jeremy is an experienced innovator and entrepreneur: he's a founder of Fifty Gazelles, a new product development firm, and he’s also a partner in Bluedog, an innovation and growth agency. He gives back to his community as an active board member with the Chicagoland Food & Beverage Network, where he organizes and hosts a monthly Innovation Breakfast.
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