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Cause-and-effect relationships are constantly evolving as goods and raw material move from field and mine to factory to warehouse to store.
We want to continuously improve productivity, improve safety and quality, and dodge avoidable costs. But the steps to optimize our operations change from day to day and week to week. If we could track this ever-changing context and predict future contexts, we could evaluate trade-offs and move closer and closer to that elusive global optimum.

Smartest Systems solutions allow customers to digitally transform their businesses while avoiding lock-in to specific IoT platforms and devices. 

Smartest Systems has solutions for specific industries, including:
  • Smartest Freight Networks - Providing efficiency-boosting and cost-reducing solutions across harbors, ports, terminals, ships at sea, trains, trucks, inland terminals, warehouses, factories, last-mile logistics providers, and stores.
  • Smartest Manufacturing - Providing continually-learning systems that optimize design engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, supply chain planning and management, distribution, servicing and repair operations, field operations, and recalls.
Smartest Freight Value Chain

To support use cases in other industries, specific Smartest Systems modules can used: 
  • Smartest Context - "context as a service" from our intelligently managed and updated Context Map containing both the current cause and effect relationships and a continuously-recalculated view of the most probable future relationships. 
  • Learning AI Manager - An adaptive and continually learning manager for artificial intelligence and inference engine ensembles that get better and better at updating current and future context.
  • Smartest Sim - A simulation generator that creates simulation models "just in time" from the Context Map.  


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About Us

Whether you are a strategic consultancy or an customer with complex operations of your own, let us be your secret weapon for turning Digital Transformation aspirations into measurable results.  We help our clients: Use our proprietary simulation, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create significant and lasting improvements in operational efficiency and safety.   Dramatically lower initial Smart Systems investment through the use of low-cost, non-intrusive, fast-deploy sensing and tracking technologies. Unlock additional value from existing analytics and AI assets and data science teams. Avoid lock-in to specific IoT platforms or cloud vendors. Smartest Systems was founded by pioneers in complex process design, applied AI, risk management, and industrial IoT.  Please tell us how we can be of service at or +1.415.484.8555.

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